Penis Percentile Calculator

Testicle Size Calculator

Note: It is HEAVILY RECOMMENDED to visit this site instead. It uses the Rundle and Sylvester (1962) dataset. This page is experimental as data for these measurements and methodology are extremely low.

All measurements should be of one single testicle, not both of them.


Ellipsoid Approximation4/3 × π × length/2 × height/2 × depth/218ml (0.61 fl oz)12-30ml (0.41-1.01 fl oz)
Rundle and Sylvester, 1962length × height × depth × 0.7131.1ml (1.05 fl oz)12-54.5ml (0.41-1.84 fl oz)
Aslan et al. 2011orchidometer22.0ml (0.77 fl oz)SD: 2.8ml