Penis Percentile Calculator

June's survey is now closed. Once all answers are read, we'll update the page again. Thanks for participating!

Welcome to calcSD, a lightweight website made so you can easily estimate the rarity of specific dick sizes. All numbers displayed on this page are statistical expectations based on researched measurements, and less accuracy is expected the further away from the average you are. Feel free to type any size below.

Over on the side, you can find an area for typing in numbers. You can input the measured length and girth of your penis in there and it'll calculate its stats for you, while also giving you recommendations for fitting condoms. Volume will be automatically calculated!

If you're confused about how to measure yourself, for length you can use a hard ruler and press it against the pubic bone*, and for girth a tailor's tape wrapping around the thickest part of the shaft (but never the head) tends to work best. If you need more guidance, click here!

Condom Recommendations

Type in your Erect Girth in the field above, and we'll recommend condoms that may fit better.

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